In the past, this website used to host WorldRadio which was a monthly magazine for amateur/ham radio fans. The magazine was published in English and distributed online.

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World Radio Information

More information about the publication of this magazine can be found in Wikipedia, where the Wikipedia depicts that the WorldRadio magazine was sold to new publishers and hence may have moved to another domain.

Amateur radios may seem to some people as ‘extinct’ or of less important, but the truth is that they still play a major role in communication especially during emergencies and in areas where signal for cell phones may not be available.

Hector Hector
When has cellphone ever been unavailable?

Levi Levi
Disaster movies make it seem plausible.

Generally, ham enthusiasts usually hang out on some specific frequencies to network and communicate with each other just for fun.

Megan Megan
I understand that TV is boring, Youtube is boring, but talking to other Ham radio guys, must be incredibly boring.

Jessica Jessica
Many are comedian story-tellers. It’s a thing they do to amuse each other.


my radiosApocalypse prepping

After your basic needs are satisfied, like a good job, healthy family, home and hobbies, then some people like become preppers, that is, to become prepared to handle civilization-destroying events, natural or man made. Ham radio is one of the things people who are truly prepared, will want to have.

Holly Holly
An Asteroid could hit.

David David
Giant earthquake on west coast of North America.


Below are a few FAQ’s

Talking Moose
Talking Moose
Who is going to answer FAQs about the apocalypse?

Billy Billy
I will. World bank failures, financial crisis, is my favorite.


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